Problem Publishing a Flash Movie

Hi all,

I am having trouble getting my flash movie to fit in a pop-up window. Here is the situation.

I have a link on the homepage(which is html) that pops up a window and loads the html file that flash automatically creates when you publish a file. The popup window is set to be the exact dimensions of the flash movie 750 x 450 pixels.

The movie starts as in fine, but then I noticed when it played the bottom part of the movie was cut off. But when make the pop-up link directly to the swf, instead of the auto-gen html file, it works fine.

I realized that if I right-clicked the top of the pop-up window I got the regular ie context menu, so for some reason the autogen html is pushing my movie down about 15 pixels.

I tried changing the settings in the publish settings to make it goto the top left corner and to not resize, but it won’t work.

Can anyone pinpoint what is going on here? Is it bad to have the movie with out all those options that are stored in the autogenerated html file? Do most of you used that html file?