Problem trying to mask a SWF file imported with loadMovie()

Hi all,

Not sure whether I’m being too ambitious for MX 2004 but I’ll outline what I’m trying to do:

I’m creating a fairly basic movie which will include a blog in one of the sections. The blog posts will be quite small and will each have an accompanying image next to them (which will appear as a small thumbnail to the left of the text). As there will be quite a lot of posts I will also need some way to scroll them. Think of what twitter looks like and you’ll get the idea.

So far, I’ve managed to create a separate movie that pulls in the content from a PHP script and then uses createTextField() and createEmptyMovieClip() in a for() loop to generate unique text fields and movie clips for each blog post.

This imports into the main movie without any problems (using loadMovie() assigned to a placeholder movieclip) but when I try and apply a mask to the placeholder movieclip using the timeline I get an odd effect - the buttons and text in the blog movie aren’t visible but if you move the cursor over the buttons Flash recognises them as buttons and text fields (IE it changes the cursor) and you can also copy the text out of the fields.

As an alternative to using the timeline I’ve also tried using setMask() with the placeholder movieclip but nothing happens (it doesn’t mask). The reason why I need the mask is because I want to scroll the textfields and graphics but they extend past the dimensions of the blog movie and overlay the main movie.

Any help please?

Thank you :slight_smile: