Problem unloading components.. pls help!

Hi! I am having difficulties in unloading components from an external movie clip. the situation is as follows:

I have a main swf which contains a blank MC called spacer. external swf’s are loaded into that spacer clip when i click on a button in the main movie. the external swf contains some graphical elements and a button as well as four components (tree, loader, progress bar and label). when i click the button in this external swf it is supposed to remove itself from the spacer clip in the main swf. here is where the problem arises… it unloads everything except the components. can anyone help me with this?

the actionscript for the external swf button is:

_root.spacer.but1.onPress = function():Void  {
	//reset mc's position back to starting point = 0; = -150;
	// Assign action to perform on every frame of MovieClip = function():Void  {
		// distance to target is the target's X minus the MovieClip's current X position
		distanceX = targetX-this._x;
		movementX = distanceX/velocity;
		this._x += movementX;
		distanceY = targetY-this._y;
		movementY = distanceY/velocity;
		this._y += movementY;
		// if mc has reached destination, remove action
		if (Math.abs(this._x-targetX)<1) {
			delete this.onEnterFrame;
		if (Math.abs(this._y-targetY)<1) {
			delete this.onEnterFrame;

the actionscript on the main swf that calls the external one is:

on (rollOver) {
	_root.x = 1; = "Animation";
on (rollOut) {
	_root.x = 0; = " ";
on (release) {
	loadMovie("anim.swf", this._parent.spacer);

any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks!