Problem with Array

Hey…I’m doing a simple array test…I thought I could have values in an array and then run it through a loop and have a IF this value equals “x” do whatever, ELSE do this.

I have the value on a button and it doesn’t work. The loop runs but the IF ELSE statement doesn’t do what I THOUGHT it should do. It runs every value through the script as if the IF ELSE statement doesn’t matter. Am I missing something?

Here’s the flash code (see below):

var myArr:Array = new Array;

myArr = [“red”, “green”,“blue”];

function checkArr (checkTest){

for(i= 0; i<myArr.length;i++){
    if (checkTest == myArr*){
        trace("Value HIT" + myArr);
    } else {
    trace("NON Value HIT " + myArr);


red.onPress = function(){