Problem with Caption Tutorial

hey man! that tutorial was really cool!!
except i have this small problem :frowning:

i have this movie clip on the main timeline and inside that i have a button.

when i try to use the caption script the caption box doesnt dissapear when i click on that button… until you put the mouse on the other buttons in the scene…

its kinda hard to explain
so i’ve added the flash file + swf file.

Can you please help me :(!

thanks heapz

Try adding

on (press) {
_root.x = 0;
_root.caption.words = " ";

to the button. I am guessing that this will get rid of your caption after you click it. Although untested, it seems like it should work. I think the problem with your button is that when you click it, the button disappears, so theres nothing to rollOut of, so the text stays there, where is, with the on(press) code it should remove the captions when you click, instead of rollOut.

Hope this helps!

hey it worked!!

thanks alot lostinbeta! :slight_smile: it helped me heaps!

haha, rockin’

Glad I could help you out kanzaki:) !