Problem with dropdown menu

Hi all out there,
I would really appreciate some help , I really need to design a drop down menu system for my site however I have tried the tutorial on this great site and I am still running into some problems. The thing is that the menu keeps flickering on and off it wont stay open. I know that this is fairly basic …but please
Cheers :tb:

hrm…if you post the fla up and let me look at it i wil see what i can do

I know its probably real simple but eh I am stuck what can I say !
all contributions will be greatly received !

i’m having the same problem with mine. =/

Have fun.


um, i’m kinda new to flash MX, and how in the world did you do that?

nevermind i get it, thanks

wait so, i used the partial source that kirupa gave, how would i make my own text?

hey i am having the same problem too.
i put together the entre thing but when i hover over somthing it doesn’t work

opps. typo, that is another problem i have with the hover buttons
but yeah i also having the same problems as lojo