Problem with dynamic text boxes

Hi Im making a flash website and i followed some of your instructions on how to load a swf file inside another swf file… the second swf file contains a dynamic text box, where the text in the box is loaded from an external txt file. Now the problem is when the second swf file is loaded up the dynamic text box, or rather the text from the external file is not displayed.

everything else on the swf file shows up fine, its just the text that does not show up, can anyone help please.

many thanks, sang.

Can you show us the code you’re using to load the text?

stop ();

the text file is called about.txt

the problem is you’re not loading your variables into any target except for a level

change the load thing from level to target and put in the name of the var you’ve assigned to your text box… that should work i think

Ok!! are you placing the second swf file into another folder. For example:

The files are placed as follows about.txt will never load when you are loading Second.swf into Main.swf

[font=Courier New]Main.swf = C:/MyProject/Main.swf[/font]
[font=Courier New]Second.swf = C:/MyProject/Pages/Second.swf[/font]
[font=Courier New]About.txt = C:/MyProject/Pages/About.txt[/font]

You should place About.txt in the same folder were there is Main.swf

[font=Courier New]Main.swf = C:/MyProject/Main.swf[/font]
[font=Courier New]Second.swf = C:/MyProject/Pages/Second.swf[/font]
[font=Courier New]About.txt = C:/MyProject/About.txt[/font]

Hope it helps!!

Firstly have you assigned a variable to your dynamic text box? secondly have you put that variable in your txt file followed by your txt eg your varibable is about the your text file would look like this

about= your text goes here

yes i have done all of that.

basically it was working fine before but the container was to far to the right so i moved it to the left now the text is not showing up.

if i put the files up on a server would it be possible for you to take a look and tell me where i’m going wrong?

Yep, and others will look too. :wink:

the main page is:

the flash files for the two swf files are (1st swf)

and (makes the 2nd swf file: thisis the one that has the dynamic text box)

Are you using MX2004? You are posting in the MX forum. :slight_smile: If you can resave those as MX format I can take a look at them, otherwise someone with MX2004 will have to.


ok i will resave them to mx format later on as i know i have to go out… im working on a windows laptop and internet is on a mac, so bit of transferring to do.

i am using mx 2004 pro

well, i kinda had the same prob with a dynamic txt box…

have you imbedded the font outlines? :open_mouth:

that was what i needed, click your dynamic text box > click characteres > select the second option from the top.

that worked for me :slight_smile:

hey thanks but the text is appearing kinda narrow, if you under what im sayin.