Problem with eval()

Hi all,

i hav a small problem

i m duplicating a moviclip

for (i=2; total>=i; i=i+1) {
duplicateMovieClip(1, i, i+16384);
eval(“xpo” + i)= getProperty(1, _x) + (i - 1) * 18;
setProperty(i, _x, eval(“xpo”+i));

but when i m exporting it error is coming

Error Symbol=Symbol 15, layer=ActionScript, frame=1:Line 7: Left side of assignment operator must be variable or property.
eval(“xpo” + i)= getProperty(1, _x) + (i - 1) * 18;

i think my eval() syntax is right but y this error is coming i do not know.

is there anybody who can help me?

for reference u can download the file

in which movieclip “symbol 15” i hav written action on frame 1st n 5th to duplicate.

thanx in advance.

rajesh kumar

get rid of the old coding!

use these simple 5 lines to copy and assign a new x value

total = 4;
for (i=0; i<total; i++) {
	newObject = _root.sourceObject.duplicateMovieClip("newname"+i, i);
	newObject._x = _root.sourceObject._x+55*i;

check the attached .fla for more details

here!!! I rempleaced the rusty code, it looks so cool