Problem with falling snow

This problem is in regard to the falling snow tutorial:

I am having trouble with a movie I’m making. I used the falling snow effect on the first scene, but it shows up on the second scene also. Can anybody help me?

its easier if you do this: the kirupa tutorial. the movie.

3.go to your other movie the one with scene 2.

4.put a box the size of your snowfall movie on the stage.

5.make it a movie clip.

  1. put these actions on the mc:



I’m not sure if that’s what I want DMX… I only want the snow effect to show on the first scene but and it shows on the second scene aswell even though the code isnt on that scene. But thanx for tryin to help anyway, appreciate it.

Check this thread…

Ok, thanks lostinbeta… it works now. I understand what DMX was saying too.