Problem With HitTest

Help ityped in all the hittest script but when i hit the object nothing happens…in fact the moving thing either go’s under or over it with no effect what so ever…so if you can help me with this help

could you post the code pls?

onClipEvent (enterFrame) { if (this.hitTest( { gotoAndPlay(2);</PRE>

} }}</PRE>


onClipEvent (enterFrame) { if (this.hitTest( { -= 20; if ( 0) { _root.gotoAndStop(2); } }}</PRE>[/left]

Well, that should work… I tested that code, and it worked fine.

wrong code sry real code is

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (this.hitTest( {

That should work to… You only have 1 bracket to much at the end.

Try checking where the code is and your instances. Make sure the man movieclip has and instance of man.