Problem with loadClip

I am having trouble with the loadClip() method.
I have it working fine in a flash document i made with just one MC and thid code placed on the first frame:

mcl = new MovieClipLoader()
listen = new Object()
listen.onLoadInit = function(){
mcl.loadClip('pic.jpg', '_root.mcload')

VERY simple code. Now i want to apply the same idea to my .fla with more Mc’s and frame and stuff. it wont work. it doesn’t throw an error, it doesn’t load the jpg. nothing. i have the code placed on a frame in the _root and the mcload MC placed on the root too. I’ve tried getting an error message to come out using onLoadError() to no avail. Why does it work in the simple fla and not the big one?!?!??!?!?!?