Problem with loaded swf

Hi Friends,
I have 3 movies named movie_1.swf, movie_2.swf, movie_3.swf. and also have a container named main.swf.

I am loading all movies in main.swf with different frame labled as *frm_1, frm_2, frm_3.
I have loaded all movies successfully but the problem is…

> I have a button in movie_1.swf named ***nextBtn ***which called *frm_2 *in main.swf

I wrote code like this…

var myParent = parent
btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, nextMovie);

function nextMovie (e:MouseEvent):void {
   myParent.gotoAndStop ("frm_2");

but its not working…

Please help me, How can i do this…??

Also i am attaching those files…