Problem with loading external swf on web host

Hi guys,
I’ve created a flash site with several sections, each is a swf that will be loaded externally into a mc called container. Here, dun get me wrong. I’m not going to ask u guys how to do it. Actually, I’ve managed to get it to work on my own pc. However, the prob is when I run it from my web host’s server, these external swfs can’t be loaded! I’ve experimented with several web hosts…all gave me the same result! I’ve placed all my essential files at same level as my index.htm file and have even changed the URL to be loaded to an absolute link but it is still not working. Has anyone encounterd the same problem b4 and knows how to solve it?

Your problem description is so ambiguous and can be many reasons for it.
So can you explain using your code for review more specific details about.


Make sure the main movie is in the same folder as the swf that are going to be loaded… that seems to me like the most common thing to cause this.

Ok guys,
managed to solve the problem. It’s actually cause by an invalid path that I specified in the main movie. LOL…silly me…But any, thank all of u for ur help