Problem with MovieClip on dynamically loaded image

Hi all,

  I am new to Flash and ActionScript 3.0.  I am using Flash CS3  and ActionScript 3.0.
  I think there is someone who spends 2 minutes of your valuable time in providing solution for my problem or issue.

My description for my problem(with layer numbers/names) starts from here:
I am loading an external image(.jpeg) onto the stage dynamically when “Submit” button(which is created & placed in Layer1) is clicked using the following sample code:

        function onSubmit(e:MouseEvent):void
            trace("Inside onSubmit() function");
            var url:String = "";
            var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
            var loader:Loader = new Loader();
    The jpeg image is loaded perfectly and works fine.

When I click on this loaded image, a Pop-up must be visible. So, I created Pop-up in Layer2, which is nothing but a MovieClip(with instance-name myPopup), is a rectangular box with light-yellow colored background, which makes us to feel like a pop-up). So, I created this Pop-up in a layer named “Pop-up”.

   My requirement is : Whenever I click on the image loaded, I need to view the Pop-up upon this loaded image near to the pixel-position where CLICK_Event has occured.
  To view an example of my requirement,just go through the following url:
Once you open the above url, then you right-click on the right-side image(which is a geographical map). You can view a Pop-up with some of the items**(viz.,Directions from here, Directions to here, Zoom in, Zoom out & Center map here)**

In the same way, in my application ,I want to display few hyperlinks on this pop-up. So, I had created TextFields on the stage(which are hyperlinks) using “Text Tool from ToolsBox” in Layer3 named as “TextFields”. I am accessing these TextFields using
<TextField-instance>.htmlText to make it a hyperlink.

    **So, here my problem is: After loading of the jpeg image, When I try to click on the image, the Pop-up(MovieClip) and "Submit" button appears to be under the loaded image and the TextFields are visible over the loaded image.Hence textfields/hyperlinks visibility works fine i.e., on the loaded image as hyperlinks.**

    Now, What I should do in order to make the MovieClip(Pop-up) and "Submit" button visible on the loaded image?

Please can anyone help me in this context…

Thanks in advance…