Problem with my sound method

Hi all, let me explain how I’m doing my audio and maybe someone can recommend a better way of doing it:

  1. Make a several key frames which have a little loading animation.
  2. Have an action saying “If frame called end is loaded then play frame called go”.
  3. On frame called go, have the sound file.
  4. Have a keyframe about a quarter into the sound file and call it end.

So basically it loads up to the “end” keyframe, starts to play the sound file and streams the rest.

Now this works fine when i have 30 second wav’s playing. But I have a full song now, a good 3:30 mins worth and it just loads and loads etc.

So any other ways you can think of?

Thanks a lot!

yup load mp3’s externally, and by using the sound object

btw, whats up man, hows things goin?

Yo dude, thanks…I’ll catch up with you on AIM.