Problem with Navigating multiple swf's

Hi guys, I’m building my first full flash site and am having trouble with the navigation. I’ll try and be as specific as possible.

The site consists of 2 swf files. The 1st file has 7 buttons with the following script on each. Button eight resides on the 2nd swf.

on (release) {
if (_root.i==8) _root.pic8.gotoAndPlay(16);
if (_root.i==4) _root.pic4.gotoAndPlay(16);
if (_root.i==6) _root.pic6.gotoAndPlay(16);
if (_root.i==5) _root.pic5.gotoAndPlay(16);
if (_root.i==3) _root.pic3.gotoAndPlay(16);
if (_root.i==2) _root.pic2.gotoAndPlay(16);
if (_root.i==1) _root.pic1.gotoAndPlay(16);
if (_root.i!=7) _root.pic7.gotoAndPlay(2);

The movie clips specified fade in on frame 2 and have a stop point on frame 15. On frame 16 they fade out as the next button is clicked. Frame 14 has script to open a window in the 2nd swf. code as follows.


Once the window on the 2nd swf is open i have a button there that sends back to the movie clips in the first swf when clicked.

on (release) {

At this point everything is working as I want it to. When I click a button in the first swf I get a nice image fade in and when I click the next button a new image fades in as the previous one fades out. I also get the same fade in on the 1st swf when I click the button in the 2nd swf, which is what I want.

The problem is this; After I click the button from the 2nd swf and I get the image fade in, the fade stops at frame 15 as it is supposed to. Now when I click on any of the buttons on the 1st swf, they act normally, but the image that stopped on frame 15 when I clicked the button in swf2 stays frozen and does not continue or go to frame 16 to fade out.

I’m out of ideas and am not sure what to do here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.