Problem with number characters


I have a Flash movie that calls up a PHP file that throws a dice and returns results (rolls and the user who rolled). All variables are read, they are being loaded normally, but I have one problem. One of the variables (the roll string) is passed to flash without the number characters. Instead of showing “Joe rolled 7|8|4|2|3” it shows “Joe rolled ||||”. No, it’s not the embedding, they’re not showing in trace window…

[EDIT] Just checked using letters and it doesn’t work either. No matter what is the value of $diceroll it won’t show up in Flash (it echoes normally, though, in the browser when I run the PHP). Also, the ‘,’ doesn’t show too.

Here’s the ActionScript:

function getVars(file) {
 var variables = new LoadVars();
 variables.onData = function(src){ 
  if (variables.error){
  } else {
   trace(variables.user + ' rolled ' + variables.roll);

And here’s the PHP code:

for ($a = 0; $a < $total; $a++){
    $diceroll = rand(1, $sides);
    $roll .= $diceroll;
    while ($diceroll >= $exploder):
          $diceroll = rand(1, $sides);
          $roll .= ','.$diceroll;
    if ($a != $total - 1) $roll .= '|';
  echo '&roll='.$roll.'&user='.$user;

Anyone ever seen this happen?