Problem with opening new window from Flash, using getURL(,,&

Hi All,\r\rI have the following problem trying to open a new window from flash:\r\rgetURL(url, new_window, “POST”)\r\r\rWhat happened was that the first time I clicked the button, it opens a new window; but subsequent clicks seem to do nothing… No “post” is done and that window doesn’t get refreshed. Any ideas why that is? \r\rI’m very very stuck - Please help!\r\rThanks,\rJennifer

Jenn,\r Do verything your doing now, just skip the “POST”…Thats the only problem.\r\rpj\r:cool:

That depends, Phil… Do you need to POST data in a script or in a file, or is that POST just for phun ???\r\rpom 0]

IF anyone has any genuine ideas on why the getURL method fails when trying to open an url in a named window please give some feedback.\r\rgetURL (“www.anypage.php”,“namedWin”,“POST”);\r\ropens a page first time you execute but nothing happens when calling the same line again or if you call a different url \r\rgetURL(“www.anotherpage.php”,“namedWin”,“POST”);\r\rnothing happens.\r\rI can happily get things working in a _blank _top etc and this method works within a named frameset why not a named window?