Problem with passing url's for URLRequest() class in Flash

Hi all,

I am calling java servlets from flash using the following code[below is a sample Flash code for calling a java servlet in Flash which I am using]: 

…bla …bla
String url_String=“http://localhost:8080/servlet/getViews”;
var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url_String);
…bla …bla

In this case, the servlet is called/working fine only in my system where the flash application is deployed & not working when I execute the application in different system using the “IPAddress” of my system.

So, What changes I need to make in above Flash code in order to call the same servlet successfully from my system and as well as from other systems?


Is there any need to pass the servlet-url’s relative instead of absolute?
If so,
How can we pass relative-path of url’s in Flash? &&
Can anyone explain me with an example?

Atlast, Can anyone tell me how to change my above code to pass the url ‘relative’ rather than ‘absolute’?

If, Please, can anyone help me by giving solution to my problem… [Or] else, to either of my queries or both…
Thanks in advance…
I am waiting for your replies…