Problem with Paths and createEmptyMovieClip

Hello Everyone,

I am making a site using flash, and am stumped. Have been for the past day. Hours have been spent trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.

Here is what I’ve done:

a) I have a main movie. On the top is the header/navbar. On the bottom is the footer. Between both of these, I have my external movies loaded. These all work fine. I have them loaded using the following code:

//Projects Button - loads the Projects SWF file into the main time line.
function openProjects() {

c) As already said, my movies load correctly into the correct location. However, one of the movies I have to load is the client’s portfolio. I then want to create another empty movie clip to have the contents of the portfolio displayed. The code below is on the timeline, and serves to load the instructions. Following instructions will have users select options to have the client’s portfolio loaded in the same clip as the instructions appear. Having said this, I am having a terrible time getting the path to work. If someone could modify my code, I would be very grateful. Here is the code I’ve developed.


The site can be viewed at [COLOR=#800080][/COLOR]

If you wouldn’t mind downloading a .rar of what I’ve done, you may at [COLOR=#800080][/COLOR]

I would love it if someone could help me get this to work.

Thanks for your time,

[email protected]