Problem with php - form not containing a message

I have created a form in my flash file ( using the tutorial on Kirupa. I am only receiving a blank message despite putting all my variables into the php script as below. The email I am getting also has no sender or reply to information and just displays <>. The subject field is ok. Any help or pointers as to where I am going wrong. The flash file is MX v.6.

I am also not getting a smooth animation in my flash file at the beginning despite pre-loading it. Anyone any ideas. Fla not attached as it is too large, but the .swf is 1.2mb. Wondered if it was because it was such an old version of flash? Frame rate is 60fps but have tried 20 and 30 and it makes no difference. The problem occurs when the text is dropping vertically.

$message = $_POST[“message”];
$message = $_POST[“message”];
$message = $_POST[“literature:”];
$message = $_POST[“packaging:”];
$message = $_POST[“pos:”];
$message = $_POST[“online:”];
$message = $_POST[“advertising:”];
$message = $_POST[“directmail:”];
$message = $_POST[“designtrendsalert:”];
$message = $_POST[“e-newsletter:”];
$message = $_POST[“clientlogo-on:”];
$message = $_POST[“what’snewandcool:”];
$message = $_POST[“casestudies:”];
$message = $_POST[“respondantemail:”];
$message = $_POST[“suggestions:”];