Problem with pictures loading from xml

hi all,
I followed the tutorial (
for making a photogallery that loads (and preloads) pictures dynamically from an xml document. I am having issues where on one computer all the pictures will come up fine, but on another computer the pictures will load and then not show up. I can’t figure out why this might be. on my home computer the pictures are loading fine, but i asked two friends to try it and certain pictures werent showing up eventhough they appeared to be loading. it was the same pictures that didnt work for both friends…any ideas whats going on? thanks.

give everyone something to look at/work with…like a fla, a link to your swf or whatever…

could just be a little error…or maybe not :cons:

thanks for your reply,
I’m not sure what to give you, I have an .fla or .swf ,an .xml document and lots of pictures that are being loaded in. in case i wasn’t clear earlier, everything works fine when I test it in flash. let me know which files would be helpful for you to look at and I will provide them. thanks again.

a link to the swf online would be a good start…if not then the fla, the xml and on picture would be good…

you can look at the mock up of the site here…

go to catalog and then cabinets to load the slide show-apparently the first four cabinet pictures as well as others are not showing up after loading. the other sections have missing pictures, but I figure concentrating on the cabinets section will make it easier to discuss since there are so many sections. thanks for any help!

Hey, I checked it out and all the pictures loaded fine for me on win FF.

thanks all,
i figured it out. well, I didnt actually figure out what was wrong, but I fixed it by re-uploading the pictures that weren’t working.

One thing to keep in mind for the future, if it ever comes up: you can’t use progressive JPEGs, they won’t work. So if you have the problem again that’s at least something you can check.