Problem with player

i have to problems here … i have an mp3 player on my site… its working fine except for i cant get it to move to the next song without pressing the forward button … how can i make it just begin playing the next song 2. this player i have as an external swf. I make a movie clip called container (which is in the second frame) and the player is brought in and plays in that container … well when i use my menu if i go to a menu item that is on the 2nd frame(news) the player starts over. i need the player to play non stop when the site is visited not to start over… any ideas? …thanks for any help

Read through these tutorials. For your first issue, a little more than halfway down the page, there is a section “How to Invoke Actions When a Sound Object Ends” where he explains how to have the next song play. I think this might give you a lot of options to help solve your issues.

Good luck,

hey thanks for that site … im still a little confised though on how my script would look … this is what their script says

myMusic.onSoundComplete = function() {

now i cant figure out how to tie that in with mine… does it go with on the actionscipt layer or in the command with each mp3/music frame?.. thanks for your help