Problem with PopUp Window

Hi Everyone,

Have a problem. I’m using Kirupa’s tutorial on creating a centered popup window for my movie. It’s all working too, but I get a white border on top and left side in the window. I’m not sure how to solve this one. If any has time let me know. You can check it out at:

thanks guys. j

These are called Margins. They are default on all HTML pages.

You can get rid of those 2 by changing your body to to look like this…

<body leftmargin="0" topmargin="0">

If you would like to get rid of ALL the margins you can add to the tag with these…


That should fix your problem.

PS: Please run a search before you ask. This question is at least asked once a day when the problem could easily be solved by running a search. This is isn’t directed to you, it is directed to anyone who reads this thread. Running a search will usually help you find what you want, and if not, then post:)

Hehe, I was was going to say that but I though you’d explain it better.

I think you should make that search post thing - a sticky thing - If you know what I mean - stays at the top of posts.

I thought about that too, but where would you put it? It would be a pain to put it in the top of EVERY sections ya know? It is mainly the questions about Chromeless Windows, HTML Margins and Centering a Flash movie in the window that get asked everyday.

And preloaders, and target different levels, and dot syntax, and rollovers, etc. alot of common ones.

thank you for the quick reply. I’ve tried what you suggested and it works great when I load the individual html pages. However when I try it in the popup it doesn’t work. I’m using the popup script from kirupa’s flash MX tutorials and I think the problem lies there. There is some java code for specifying the window size and such things. I’ve tried changing them and adding “leftmarging = 0” but I can’t get it to work. Any ideas. different popup script? If you have time. Thanks j

I guess long night but I figured it out htis morning and it is not the popup script. Thank you again for the advice. j