Problem with reading input box content

I have two input text fields in one of the projects and I am trying to read their content with actionscript and pass them to cookies. The problem is really silly. I have different var names assigned to each of the boxes which are then being read with a simple actionscript, but on reading it gives the whole html type format string containing tags and everything along with the text. Something like :

<FONT FACE="_sans" SIZE="12" COLOR="#999999" LETTERSPACING="0" KERNING="0">

I have the ‘Render text as html’ option turned off (didn’t work even with it turned on in any case). It works perfectly if I give instance names to the boxes and use instanceName.text format to read the content. I know it used to work earlier but can not figure out what I am doing wrong this time.

Will appreciate if anyone can help me out with this silly problem.