Problem with ScrollPane

Hi all,

     I am new to Flash and AS-3.0. I am using Flash-CS3 as IDE and AS3 for programming/coding.

I have created a ScrollPane component using the following AS3 code, which is a sample user-defined function written in ActionScript 3.0:

var sp:ScrollPane = new ScrollPane();
var myClip:MovieClip;

var boxXLoc:int = 0;
var boxYLoc:int = 0;
var boxWidth:int = **[U]140[/U]**;
var boxHeight:int = 300;

function newScrollPane():void {
	var boxFillColor03:uint = 0xFFFFCC;;, boxYLoc, boxWidth, boxHeight);  //(0,0,140,300);
	myClip.buttonMode = false;

	stage.frameRate = 31;

	function createScrollPane():void {
		// sp.setSize(190,280);
		sp.source=myClip;  //Here myClip is assigned to ScrollPane instance
		sp.scrollDrag = false;
    The code inside the function works well within my main application when called.  
      The ScrollPane created is visible(with both Vertical and Horizontal Scrollbars) at perfect pixel-positions(on the stage) which I have mentioned in the above code, which works well till this point as of my requirement.
    But, I don't want to make visible the Horizontal ScrollBar. Instead, it should be invisible.

    **I had tried by changing the values of width of ScrollPane[i.e., first parameter in sp.setSize() method in the above code,which is in BOLD face with underlined] and the value of the instance "boxWidth", [i.e., which denotes the "myClip"(MovieClip) width property, which is in BOLD face with underlined] respectively. ** But, it is always visible.

So, What is the necesary/required code which is to be added to the above code?
What are the changes I need to do in the above code to solve this issue?

Please, anyone help me regarding this. I request you to spend few seconds of your time in posting the correct solution to my problem.

Waiting for your repliesā€¦
Thanks in advanceā€¦