Problem with setInterval and load(external.txt);

K, im making a game and made a code, for loading external files and making buttons out of them… Altough it acts stable. I’m kind of worried, tht the slow connection users might get a little messed up list.

Here’s the link to the game(It’s in estonian, so click on “Küsimused” to see the list:

Here’s the list code
i = 1;
interval = setInterval(uuenda, 50);
function uuenda() {
var loader:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
loader.onLoad = function(success:Boolean):Void {
if (!success) {
trace(“the file failed to load”);
} else {
nupp.duplicateMovieClip(“nupp”+i, i);
eval(“nupp”+i)._y = eval(“nupp”+(i-1))._y+17;
eval(“nupp”+i)._x = numbernumber
if (eval(“nupp”+i)._y>=310) {
eval(“nupp”+i)._y = 2
numbernumber = eval(“nupp”+i)._x = eval(“nupp”+(i-1))._x+106;
eval(“nupp”+i).kiri.text = loader.pealkiri;
i = Number(i)+1;