Problem with useHandCursor!?

I have a number of buttons I am using to trigger certain actions, however I do not want the handcursor to show up when the mouse is over these buttons.

I am using:

but1.useHandCursor = false
but2.useHandCursor = false
but3.useHandCursor = false
but4.useHandCursor = false
but5.useHandCursor = false
but6.useHandCursor = false
but7.useHandCursor = false
but8.useHandCursor = false
but9.useHandCursor = false
but10.useHandCursor = false
but11.useHandCursor = false
but12.useHandCursor = false
but13.useHandCursor = false
but14.useHandCursor = false
but15.useHandCursor = false
but16.useHandCursor = false
but17.useHandCursor = false
but18.useHandCursor = false

each of the buttons has been named correctly and they are all set as menu items, help me out!