Problem with website background

Hi all,

I am working on a flash based website for a friend of mine. We are using a big background image for the site(don’t ask) and the flash loads up at center-top. I am using swfObject for the placement and auto-resize of the flash window.

Here is the problem(s):

The background takes forever to load (~1mb) and since its a beautiful collage of colors, the website looks totally bland without it before it finally loads. I thought of putting the image inside the flash itself and make it full-browser sized (that way we at least have a loading graphics playing to make sure that the visitor is not sitting there looking at a blank page). It actually works fine except the problem that using percentage dimensions for flash window means that once the flash content exceeds the smaller sized browser screens, no scrollbars appear in the browser. Meaning thereby that some content remains hidden if the screen size is less.

I thought of fixing the dimensions of flash to some large values instead of 100% each so that no content spills over the browser screen but that would mean a lot of unnecessary scrolling on pages where the content is pretty small.

I even tried setting the image as the background of html file as well as in the flash, and then resize the flash window depending upon the content on each pages when the links are clicked. That kinda works except for the boundaries between the flash and the html part where both the images can turn out to be totally out of sync, depending upon the screen size.

I am not sure if I was able to explain the problem properly but if anyone has a solution to this problem then please let me know. Will really appreciate it. I would personally prefer to go for the full brower flash thing but for that I have to make sure the scrollbars appear when the window size becomes too small.

Thanks a lot.