[size=4][font=Comic Sans MS][color=#680aac]Can anyone by any chance help me with a movie I’m trying to make?

It’s going to be an avatar maker, but I wanted it to be able to select a piece by clicking on it, so you could rotate/change its color independently, make the pieces draggable, and make it so that you could drag one piece away, and it would duplicate it in the spot where it came from, but only once. By that I mean that you could take a piece, place it dynamically, or not, and then make it so you could drag it, drop it, and a new one would be in the original place, but the original piece wouldn’t duplicate anymore.

Anyone got any ideas?

So it sounds like you want to have a mr potato head style avatar, that users could interact with by pulling different pieces from a “toolbox” and dragging them out to the screen. Am I on the right track?

If so, definitely possible… I would start by creating MCs for all the pieces, then create a method of accessing those pieces without cluttering the space. Drag + drop is doable.

Not sure where to begin without writing some code - do you need specific help?

[size=+1][font=Comic Sans MS][color=#680aac]What I’m trying to do exactly is what you said, with drag&drop, but make it where you can use a piece multiple times, and change each piece individually, such as rotating it or changing it’s color.

the easiest way to change colour is have multiple frames on those mcs with stop() actions on them and then use simple gotoAndStop(x) actions on your colour changing buttons/dropdown boxes etc (where x is a number of a frame with the specific colour on or the frame label ;))
you could have simple .duplicateMovieClip() code when you drop it onto the “figure”

[SIZE=+1][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#680AAC]What I really need help with, though, is being able to select a piece individually, and the movie logging it. I had thought lately about using context menus, so that you could click on a piece, and choose options from there, but I am foggy on the use of the context menu command. Any help is appreciated.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]