Problems loading movie within movie

i have a button (which resides inside a container MC which is in a movie on level1) that has the following script attached to it:

[color=#000087]on[/color] (release) {
		loadMovieNum("[color=blue]projects_nav.swf[/color]", [color=#000087]1[/color]);
		[color=#000087]this[/color].[color=#000087]onEnterFrame[/color] = [color=#000087]function[/color](){
				[color=#000087]if[/color](_level1.[color=#000087]getBytesLoaded[/color]() >= _level1.[color=#000087]getBytesTotal[/color]()){
						[color=#878787]//load second movie...
[/color]						[color=#000087]loadMovie[/color]("[color=blue]sentosa.swf[/color]", [color=#000087]_root[/color].contents);


“projects_nav.swf” is loading correctly onto level1 but “sentosa.swf” is not loading into the target (which is a containerMC in projects_nav.swf). anyone have any idea why?? is my script wrong??:q:

Anyone?? Please?? Need help pretty urgently!!

The code seems correct after I scanned through it. I just dont like how the sentosa.swf file is constantly loading after getBytesLoaded>=getBtyesTotal.

oh! for me, the sentosa.swf doesn’t load at all. projects_nav.swf loads up fine but then nothing else happens.

what im saying is that might be the problem. Having a file being constantly loaded. Will the file ever show up?