Problems loading swfs into AS2 swf held in AS3

Hi there, I have an AS3 movie in to which I load as AS2 movie, this works great.
My problem starts when I then load another AS2 movie into the first AS2 movie. I am using MovieClipLoader and although the swf I am loading loads (I have put a trace on its timeline so I know it’s there), the onLoadComplete/onLoadInit events do not fire!
If anyone could let me now if this is a known problem or if there is a way around this I would be really grateful, I can call a function from my loaded movie’s timeline but this is soon going to get very messy as the app is quite complex.

Any suggestions, advice or simply encouragement much appreciated otherwise I’m going to have to convert my AS3 app back into old AS2 :frowning:


here’s my code:
function loadAdvice() {
var mc2:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
var ll:Object =new Object();

        ll.onLoadInit=function(target_mc:MovieClip, httpStatus:Number):Void {
                    trace("DOSING.SWF LOADED onLoadInit");
        trace("LOAD DOSING.swf TRIGGERED");