Problems Publishing swf + video

Hi, I’ve run into a little problem with importing a Quicktime movie into Flash and then trying to publish for any version older than Flash Player 8.

I have the source movie file, and in Flash, I’ve tried to use both “Import Video” and “Import to Library”. I was able to import the .mov file, choose all of the settings, encode it and have it appear on the stage, but when I go to publish, and choose to have it play in version 7, the output window pops up with the message: "WARNING: This movie uses features that are not supported in the Flash 7 player Scene=Scene 1, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:The component ‘FLVPlayback’ requires Flash Player 8 or later.

This is really frustrating and the site that we’re attempting to use this video on has a high amount of traffic and we don’t want to force folks to download the newest player unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance for your help.