Problems sending data to popup

Well, I give up on trying to write a more appropriate subject for this. Anyways, For the past few days I’ve been trying to get data sent to a popup window (edit again: I mean a movieclip made to look like somewhat like a window) for a calender in a small flash site I’m working on to be properly formatted as html. The data appears, but apparently no matter how much I escape and unescape, and set the textfield.html to true, trace ends up with the > and such html chars and the field ends up showing the code without parsing it. I’m wondering if there’s a better way to read the data in the first place. At the moment, on loading the xml file (using cdata btw) with the data for that month (later on I’ll be adding a main xml file with info on how many month are available to work with and the filenames each month uses), I loop through all the text text fields and buttons for each day in the calender (the standard 42-cell table for calenders, 7x6 of course). In the loop, it sets the arrays for both the title of the popup (“July 13, 2004” for example) and the text for the appropriate dates (“Bleh bleh, these are the events for today”), as well as a small text snippet as the preview that you can see before hitting that date’s “more” button (which shows the popup and sets the popup’s two text fields (main text, and title) – that button gets set to visible = true from the default false if the day has any text entered) to the values from the arrays.

I’ll be checking here throughout the day, I’m sitting here at work trying to figure things out.

Also, the first thing I had tried was assigning a variable as part of the button object (instancename.mytext) which would in turn try to set the popup texts when that button was pressed (and also show the popup). Still not sure what to do.

Anyone have an idea of what’s up?