Problems w/ flash 8 LocalConnection and Mac Firefox crashing

I am using LocalConnection to talk between different mp3 players on our site and it works flawlessly in PC browsers but when I try to
use Mac Firefox I get random browser crashes when I click on the play buttons on the mp3 players that crash Firefox so bad you have
to restart the computer to be able to use Firefox again.

Here’s an example of some of the code we are using:

var external_player_lc:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();
external_player_lc.selectSong = function(songIndex:Number) {
external_player_lc.updatePlayPause = function(playing) {
    if (playing) {
    else {
external_player_lc.setVolume = function(volume) {
    volume_mc.slider_mc._x = Math.floor(volume * 0.73);
    setVolume(volume, false);

Anyone know if this is a known issue w/ LocalConnection Mac Firefox? Also, does anyone know if they have made improvements
to LocalConnection in Flash 9?

Thanks for any help,
Clem C