Problems w/ Ruby on Rails and datagrid images and css style sheets

I’m developing some flash programs that use datagrids w/ HtmlCellRenderer that allows for embedded images w/in datagrid cells and also
calls an external css stylesheet w/in a rails environment

The problem is that every call to the image in the datagrid is registered as a GET call w/in the rails environment and the image path is registered
as an id param as such:

Processing ArtistController#tune_widget_popup (for at 2007-12-28 13:50:58 by 14585) [GET]
Session ID: 59ede4facabee1ac6f36fb3ca9aa1685
Parameters: {“action”=>“tune_widget_popup”, “id”=>“about.jpg”, “controller”=>“artist”}

The image never gets rendered in the datagrid

The same happens w/ the .css file - it gets registered as a GET call, the css attributes don’t show up, and the name is attributed to the id param as such:

Parameters: {“action”=>“tune_widget_popup”, “id”=>“feed_widget.css”, “controller”=>“artist”}

Any ideas how to work around this?

Clem C