Problems with Cue Points in FLV

I am having a problem with the cue points I embedded into the FLV file using Final Cut Pro HD.

I have a 40min. video that I have exported with 4 different cue points… to keep it basic I just used flash 8 pro’s FLV player with a skin that gave me all the buttons I would need to control volume, play, pause, stop, forward and back…

When I test the movie locally the cue points work… however… on the server they do not.

Now I read somewhere that if the server is not a flash streaming server you have to wait until the whole video downloads before these points will work, but I waited for the video to completely download and they still do not work. If I press the forward or back buttons the video just starts from the beginning.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, there is nothing complex going on here… I only have a swf with the component in it… nothing else. Just one keyframe in the whole movie… no custom action script at all. This SWF is then being place in a standard HTML page.