Problems with "Genius" Graphics Tablet

poHi, I’ve just upgraded form Flash MX to MX '04. The problem is that my graphics tablet (A Genius NewSketch 1212HR III) doesn’t work. There were no problems with MX, but in '04 it stops working just as soon as Flash finishes loading. If I close FLash then the tablet starts working properly again.

Is my best bet just to go back to MX? Are there any real benefits to using '04? I’ve only been messing about with it for a few hours and I can’t say I’ve noticed anything special worth keeping.

I’m running WinXP and I do have the latest tablet drivers.

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve just run the update for MX '04, still no luck :(. The buttons on my tablet still work (so I can click etc.) but it won’t move the pointer :(.

If you’re an animator or designer, you’re good with MX.
But as soon as you go further into actionscript, you will have to switch to 2004 Pro :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. I’ve been noticing that AS1 kinda sucks compared to AS2…

I really hope there’s some kind of patch soon.