Problems with loading external files and preloader

as I am not so good at actionscripting, i had been trying to tackle the problem for the past few days and had been looking at forums for solutions. but in the end,i couldn’t end.

can you please help me with my problem? i am very stressed because i need it to get online soon for my assignment. :frowning:

Let’s say, you are in External swf A ( this is the main page.). In External Swf A, you click on button B that brings you to External B swf.

However on External B swf, the button B is still clickable although I put it as non-clickable movie. I discovered that when you click on button B, External swf A flashes for a while before it takes u to external swf B again.

The same problem occurs when you click on Button C, D, and … on Extenrnal B swf. External swf a will appear for a while before
it brings u to external swf c, d, and …

I am trying to display a preloader after you click on buttons. However external A with a preloader will be displayed after you click on buttons.

My file is too big so I cannot attach it. You can find my zip file on
the name of my zip file is preload.

the zip file consists of 2 fla files - rainforests.fla and about_rainforests.fla. Rainforests. fla is the main page. about_rainforests. fla is sub-page.

If you are not sure of what I want, please let me know.

Can anyone take a look at my files and let me know where I go wrong? I am using MX. The method I am using is emtpy container and loadMovie.