Problems with loadMovie from asp

Hi! I have an asp file and a mdb database that works together passing variables to flash. I can get and display this variables using dynamic text fields in flash without any trouble. Well… in one variable I have the path to my images (for example: &image=images/john.jpg). I want to load this image in flash.

For that I used:


and it works, the image shows up.

But I don’t want to type the path in flash, I want to REPLACE the “images/john.jpg” portion of the loadMovie instruction with the VARIABLE (in this case I call it “image”), so when the swf is loaded, the image appears.

By the way, I achieved to do something similar using a button with this code on it:

on(press) {

and it works too but I must press the button to load the image. Thanks in advance for helping! :slight_smile: