Problems with Loadsound and IE

I just noticed this problem with IE. I’m using this code to load the sound and play. Also it provides stop, play, forward, back functions.

Here is the code:

 // playlist
 var tracks = ["", "", "", ""], i = 0;
 // define sound object
 track = new Sound();
 // load first track
 track.loadSound(tracks*, true);
 // onSoundComplete play next track
 track.onSoundComplete = function() {
 	i = (i+1)%tracks.length;
 	this.loadSound(tracks*, true);
 // stop track
 stopBTN.onRelease = function() {
 // play track
 playBTN.onRelease = function() {
 	track.loadSound(tracks*, true);
 // play next track
 nextBTN.onRelease = function() {
 	i = Math.min(i+1, tracks.length-1);
 	track.loadSound(tracks*, true);
 // play previous track
 prevBTN.onRelease = function() {
 	i = Math.max(0, i-1);
 	track.loadSound(tracks*, true);

Now in IE it doesn’t work. It is located on my site
It works fine in Mozilla so i don’t know why it doesn’t work.

So does anyone know why the music doesn’t play in IE? Or if you go on my site with IE does the music play?

I got IE 6 and the music plays.

Quick question though.

I wanna have a small music playlist (5 songs) on my site, with just a start and stop button. The only way I know that plays the songs (mp3’s) is to load the song from the library, but when I post the site online, it takes a long time to load due to large file size.

What is the best way to play these songs while keeping load time to a minimum?


Awesome site btw.