Problems with my containerMC and resize


I’m working on a website where i use a external swf into another swf.
I managed to do it but i still have some problems left.
So i was wondering if anybody could help,**
This is my website:**…/Portfolio.swf

  1. So my first problem**

When i open the website and go to the music page it resizes.

I try to use this line in my code:

stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;

If i use this it changes when i load but it still keeps a smaller size, and i want my site as big as it was originally.

2)My second problem

I added an external swf into a empty MovieClip named container MC.

this is the external swf “Mp3 player”:…/mp3player.swf

I managed to control and upload the Mp3player into my content swf.
So only when you click music it plays and works.

But now when youre on the music page and you CLICK AGAIN on the music link it starts again and again.
Now i was wondering if there is some code that could play the player only ONCE when you click on the music link and then no more.

Here is a screenshot of my code:
(i also have 2 errors always coming back maybe someone got the solution for this:crying:)

Maybe helpfull i uploaded my .fla of my website so you can take a look if you want:

Is there anyone that can help me or give me some advice,
Sorry for the bad grammer but i’m dutch.

I really appreciate and it would be very helpfull!

Thanks anyway,