Problems with scroller- NO VARIABLES INVOLVED

Here I go again…
I followed the amazing tutorial on Kirupa and I can get a scroller to work on a blank document, however, for some reason, it does not work when I make one inside a blank scene of my movie (and it doesn’t even have any other layers)…
When I try to snap in the scroller it doesn’t do anything… it just floats around in the original size… this is driving me nuts because I am just typing the text directly in there, it’s not imported-- and I haven’t messed around with variables cuz I don’t know much about them…

please lemme know what you think… hopefully it’s no biggy of a problem-- gee :frowning:

I don’t understand. Did you complete Kirupa’s tutorial or not ??

pom 0]

yeah i did complete it-- i sent you the file, pom…
if i do the steps in a new document it works but if i do it in one of my scenes it doesn’t work… as silly as it may sound…

i feel so dumb :frowning: :frowning:

Don’t say that or Upu will kick your ass !
I’ll check your file, but I don’t feel very comfident with scrollbars…

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PS : haven’t got the fla yet.

patience grasshopper…patience…

Allow me to quote you :

I need to knoooooOOOoOOoOOOooOOO!!!

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lol thats all i have to say about that…lol :lol: :lol: I never said I had any patience

:slight_smile: are u guys teasing each other or making fun of me going crazy here ? hehe

And pom, if you’re not comfortable with scroll bars imagine meeeee!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Pom thinks he’s being smart, but he’s just a big FRENCH DORK!! I don’t know much about scroll bars, I just got MX a couple of days ago.

OK, Federica
I totally cheated : what I did is simple. I made it in a new movie, copied it and pasted it. That’s it.

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oh gee… i hope i understand… you made it into a new movie??

<<brain suddenly clouding up>>
<<eyes getting red>>

so you turned the scroller and text into a movie clip and put it in your library then you put it in the scene?? hmm… <<trying to stay cool>>
oh… but how do u turn both scroller and text box into movie clip?? i will try… could you re-send me the file just in case?? [email protected]

:slight_smile: btw i like your smoking smiley, jubba! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
hope everyone likes my crying blob… totally fits the occasion :slight_smile:

btw, look at this flash animation i just got :slight_smile:
it’s all in good fun :slight_smile:



thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!



But of course it did sparkling smile

muaaa too.

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