Processors without Heatsink or Fan

I’m just wondering if they are any good?

Never seen them before, so I have no stories on either good or bad news!
They’re like 50€ cheaper then with Heatsink and fan, and I already have a heatsink and fan to put there.

I heard from another shopkeeper that they aren’t very good, but they are competition to this guy. Which make me think it’s all bull****!

Here a AMD Athlon64 3200+ is 210€ with heatsink and fan, and 150€ without!
So it’s a big diference… The dam thing is if they break and I can’t get a replacement… So I could use some stories on this kind of thing!

I got a thermalright XP 90-C here waiting for the processor and I’m not putting the in box one with this one just sitting here. So the in box one is going to stay there anyway… Why not save money on it… The second thoughts come from. What if it broke? Does the entire save a buck thing blow up in my face?

Are these common in other countries? Just the same as processor with a heatsink? Or are they diferent?