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Its the Schnitzel! I may discuss important topics and my honest view of them or i my just talk about my time spent watching people get hurt on you tube. i would like to hear what people think and if u have the time could you send a couple of comment my way on the site.

Isn’t that just a default blogspot template?

It’s the default template, and the content is sort of petty and uninformed. :thumb:


it is a default template but i was more wondering about your opinions of the content

I’m really sorry to say this, and I don’t mean to be a douche, but 99.9% of all blogs feel incredibly overwhelmingly useless to me.

Unless they stand out bigtime, content wise, no one will read it.

Well i have just decided to begin a comic strip on the blog, aswell as continuing with the normal articles and posts. Below is the first of what i hope with be many of the comics. if u have any ideas for a name for the comic please comment on the blog.

This year I’ve decided to hit the reading hard. My original plan was to read 100 books in the year. As you might guess, I’m struggling to meet the deadline. However, the latests book I have finished and placed back on the shelf is Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie.

If you’re unaware of the book, the basic gist is that of a dying 76-year old Morrie who, on his deathbed, is reunited with his old college sociology student. Touching stuff, I know.

However, I had a bit of a problem with this book. See, Morrie was something of an optimist and always saw the brighter side of life, but along with this, he spent most of the book preaching pearls of wisdom to Mitch (his 30-something protege). Why do someone’s words carry more credence once they’re dying? After all, aren’t we all dying?

Why went someone is in the autumn moments of their life, do they suddernly become some sort of visionary savior with all the answers? If people didn’t bother to listen before, why do they listen once death is knocking at the door? In my opinion, just because someone is dying, it doesn’t give their comments anymore validity, it only adds sorrow to their sentences, nothing more

i pasted this here so that you can re-read it yourself and ask “why the HECK would anyone give a crap about what i’m writing” your blog is pointless and ugly. a waste of time in a bad way. you know what your content is. a blog is a personal thing. why do you care what others on a DESIGN website think of your pointless content?

find your audience man. i don’t think we’re it holmes.

^^^ pwnd