Profile Background

Here’s my first attempt at a background for my website, I think I’ll put some pics under my name and info where all the text’s are.

and this is what my contact page will look like sorta.

i moved this to site check. it will get more action. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I wasn’t 100 percent sure which forum to put it in.

nice… html or flash site would it be? :wink:

Well this is my first site, so I’ll probably go html and then once it’s up that way, I’ll start with the flash stuff. One step at a time.

pretty good Whipper

this is what I working with for my index

lil hard to read

Yeah I thougt it probably was, I dunno if I am making these to busy, or not, basically I 've been knocking down the brightness and the opacity. This one should be better.

Here’s some more.

i love that last one chris. it’s good. it will go great with your prints too when you showcase them.

I think I’ll think over my index idea, I made some brushes today, and I used them on the tutorials one.