Programming 100% correct, but still a flickering SWF?

Ok, Let me sum up the game the best I can real quick and then get to the problem. I cannot upload any code because I am under contract. I also know the code is working 100% correct. The game I am working on will have “X” number of large images. The “X” images will then be broken down into smaller images. I have around 3,000 images, all in the Flash Library, classes are named correctly, the files are named and sized correctly, etc. The game works perfectly on images 1-66. When I get to image number 67, the game SWF starts flickering from scene 1 to scene 2 and then back to scene 1 for a non-stop loop. No matter what image I use for #67, the swf flickers. My FLA is around 300MB and my SWF is 102MB.

So, does anyone have any ideas on why adding a 67th image would make the SWF freak out? Could it be some type of file size issue, graphics card issue, virus, etc? I’ve tried it on multiple computers both PC and MAC.

Thanks for any info you might have!!