Programming assignment - there go my full marks

Received an email from my programming lecturer today to see her about a recent assignment that I completed which I got 30/30 for. Turns out a friend of mine copied the report (questions based around the code of the assignment) word for word because he was in a rush. I told her that I did all the work which I did and she said that she will try to be lenient (sp?) and if someone says that they did all the work then they can have their marks for it but the other person who copied will get 0 for the report. That’s only one possibility, another possibility is that she gives us a 0 for the whole assignment…

I was on such a role with programming… all assignments I have got full marks for and along comes this to **** it up


I would have a discussion with this “friend” of yours. If you told him he could, then I have no sympathy for ya. Cheating is wrong. If he did it without your concent then it sucks and you might have to chalk it up to “a learning experience”… but I would not be hanging out with that person any more… and I’d be **** sure to let them and everyone else know why.

When I was a Teacher’s Assistant, if we found someone copied another current student’s work, both received 0 points. It was drastic, but cut off the “I didn’t know he was copying me” argument. It also made sure you knew where your project is at all times. I feel it is your responsibility to make sure your work is safe. Now, if it is published, and someone steals it from there, then no deduction for you. But if you gave your friend your work, even if it was to help your friend study, then it is your fault as well, since your work was not handed out by the instructor.

Life is pretty much the same way, you have to protect yourself, and you can get burned by trying to help out someone.



I emailed it to him just to help him out. I know I am to blame for that but I just wanted to help out a friend. But apparently our code was similar as well… What they do is give us unfinished files with routines to complete but pretty much everyone will have the same solution because there is only one way to do it… So I don’t understand why they look for people with the same code… Oh well… we’ll see what happens…

good luck. I’m sorry that happened when you were just trying to be helpful.

probebly the "same code"thing is just their backup to make them seem like they have more of an arguement against you… though I guess I’d have to see both papers to know for sure. You’re correct though… in general most of your class’s code is probebly pretty similar. Especially with everyone having the same teacher. There’s just bound to be a lot of similarities in coding from each student.