Programming help - may lead to paying work!

I’m a graphic designer and have been in the business for 8 years. I deal mainly with print and signage but have pretty much designed a ton of different stuff. My design skills are on point but I need some help on the programming side of things with regards to websites. I’m looking for someone to code my site for me. It’s a personal site (basically a portfolio site). The site wouldn’t be overly complicated. I would do all the design but I would need someone to put it together. I do alot of freelance work and I’m always turning down websites. If I can find the right programmer I would take these jobs on and pay you to do the back-end. I’ll be honest up-front - I’m very picky and a perfectionist. If your good though you can learn alot from me with regards to design (I think). Have a look at my portfolio and let me know if anyone is interested.

I’m looking for examples from you. Some of your freshest work.
Remember design is not an issue (although good taste is preferred) -
I want to see your ability to code.


I would apply but i really don’t have anything online. I am an expert at fixing mistakes. If i had a finished portfolio, it would be full of sites where i implimented one item. I’m a bit of an actionscript and PHP handyman, i specialize in dynamic flash (dynamic content and custom CMS work).

BTW: i am awefull with design, so we might make a good team…:slight_smile:

Where are you located in ontario - toronto?? Email me at [email protected]
Tell me a bit about yourself, how long you’ve been doing this for, all that sort of stuff. Like I said before I really know nothing about web stuff (it’s kind of sad) - but based on my design i would need someone to recommend the best way to achieve what I need.

3 people have responded - no one else interested in coding a cool looking site??

I could do maybe do some coding (all for free, I need stuff for my portfolio)
Ive been doing we design for two years now but i also do design(even though it wont be needed) my e-mail is [email protected]

I will go for it . What are you looking for

everyone interested please email me samples of work you have done.
design is not important - more about your ability to code.
email to: [email protected]

Not interested anymore, please see the e-mail I sent you.