Progress bar in mp3 player

How do you make progress bars (like PurePlayer’s on in a flash file which plays an mp3. I have already made the play, stop and volume controls and they work, but how do you show how much of the song has played on a progress bar, and also is there a way of changing your place in the song using it.

can anyone give me a tute on how to make FANCY preloaders? i dont like the regular progress bar that macromedia has, i want to make a nice one.

demon: ?

color: that’s not very descriptive, can you give an example?

sure! please give me a couple minutes to find that link. :slight_smile:


that appears to just be text counting down to 0, you could use this and just subtract the number from 100 before display and don’t do the visual stuff

ok! thank you for your help!

your welcome :slight_smile:

thanks, but i dont mean a progress bar for a preloader, i mean for saying how far through the song you are (sorry i didnt explain it properly at the top). On the site I mentioned in the first post, you can see how much of the song has played on the bar, and you can change where you are in the song by moving the little …umm… thingy… left or right along the bar

Is the song that you are playing loaded from an extern .swf? If so, than you can just use the script for a preloader. I think an extern .swf for a song is the easiest way for playing a song and displaying its progress.